We will introduce the activities overseas.

Japan's First!

The student brand was exhibited in the Zip Zone at the Paris Collection Exhibition!
From September 28 to October 7, 2015, 22 students from the Top Creators Course embarked on a challenge to join the world's best collection, the "Paris Collection", and they submitted 33 original works. It was a good opportunity for them to interact with world class creators.
More than 20 retail stores visited their booth. Materials were offered by Hayashiyo Co., Ltd. for their works which used hemp, which is a material used in various aspects of Japanese fashion culture. These works drew quite a bit of attention.

International Collections

Every year students have a chance to take overseas training. They visit places famous for the most advanced fashion and gain a sophisticated sense of fashion. In addition, until 2010, we held a fashion show called the "Ueda International Collection" once every two years, featuring foreign fashion models. Students experienced an international stage, which was a very valuable experience for them.

Overseas Training

In the Fashion Produce Department, students have on-site training in foreign countries in their first and second year, as part of the curriculum for fostering leaders of the next generation.
They take business training in New York and cultural training in Europe; we provide them with opportunities to learn overseas aspects first hand.